Musway MW1000A - Active 23cm Spare Wheel Subwoofer Enclosure




  • 28 cm (11") Subwoofer
  • Integrated Class A/B amplifier
  • 1 x 150 Watts RMS, 1 x 300 Watts Max.
  • Sturdy and robust Aluminum Enclosure
  • Subwoofer with fiberglass cone
  • 76 mm Voice Coil on Aluminum Former
  • Magnet with Ø 156 mm and 50 oz. weight
  • Lowpass 50-150 Hz, Bass Boost 0-12dB @ 45 Hz
  • Phase Switch 0/180°, RCA Inputs
  • Auto Turn-On, High Level Inputs
  • Remote Controller for Bass Level, Lowpass and Phase
  • Dimensions: Ø 360 x 120 mm

The MW1000A is built into a solid aluminum enclosure and equipped with a large 28 cm (11“) woofer, which fits thank to its low installation depth of only 12 cm nearly in almost every spare wheel recess or into the rim bed of the emergency wheel. Both models is equipped with high-level inputs and auto turn-on. A perfect add-on to existing sound systems or factory equipment when more bass power is required. To control the bass level, the low-pass filter and phase from the driver’s seat, the system is coming with a functional remote controller.


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