Helix P 6B - 6.5" Mid-Woofer



The details make the difference - don't get mislead by the discreet visual appearance of the P 6B. This driver is definitely a perfect basis for a top-class sound system. Its unique glassfiber-paper compound cone combines minimum weight with maximum stiffness and perfect inner damping. To further reduce the moving mass an 1-inch / 25 mm voice coil has been chosen which nevertheless can easily handle up to 100 Watts RMS due to its extremely high temperature resistance. It's not only the powerful kick bass and the uncoloured midrange response but also the exceptional low distortion which makes the P 6B a "winner".

  • Novel glassfiber-paper compound cone for maximum stiffness combined with lowest moving mass and perfect inner damping
  • Special shaped rubber surround for long linear cone excursion
  • Gold-plated terminals
  • Individual HELIX design basket
  • Solid rubber magnet protection ring with HELIX logo
  • Grill included
Power RMS / max.  P 100 / 200 Watts
Impedance  Z 4 Ω
DC resistance  Re 3.5 Ω
Frequency response   40 Hz - 4,000 Hz
Resonance frequency  Fs 56 Hz
Mechanical Q factor  Qms 5.48
Electrical Q factor  Qes 0.54
Total Q factor Qts 0.49
Compliance Cms 571 μm/N
Equivalent air volume Vas 13.2 L
Force factor  B*I 5.7 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 90 dB
Cone area  Sd 129 cm²
Moving mass  Mms 14.3 g
Cone material   Glassfiber-paper compound
Mechanical resistance  Rms 0.91 kg/s
Voice coil diameter ø 25 mm
Voice coil winding height   12 mm 
Max. linear excursion  Xmax +/- 3 mm
Outer diameter ø 165.5 mm / 6.50"
Installation diameter ø 142 mm /  5.60"
Installation depth   67 mm / 2.64"
Recommended enclosure volumes  
Sealed box  
Net volume   8 L
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB)   75 Hz
Vented box  
Net volume   14 L
Port diameter ø 50 mm / 2.00"
Port area   20 cm²
Port length   12.5 cm / 4.92"
Port tuning frequency Fb 48 Hz
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB)   51 Hz

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