Phoenix Gold MX69CX – 6"×9" Dual Concentric Coaxial Speaker

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The MX69CX is a 6×9 Inch Dual Concentric Coaxial Speaker featuring a Dual Concentric Coaxial Design which allows the sound of each driver to emanate from a single point, eliminating frequency interference and phase issues. The Corona Lens allows for better off-axis listening by producing a uniform and articulate sound field in all directions, resulting in correct phase and improved time alignment. These features are combined to create an engrossing listening experience with detail, impact and tonality unrivaled from any other speakers in or even double MX’s price point. The MX drivers will be an easy drop-in replacement with an excellent increase in performance and sound quality from stock locations.

Product Specifications:
Power Handling (RMS) 100w
Peak Power Handling 150w
Frequency Response 55hz-20khz
Impedance 4ohm
FS 55hz
Vas 19.581Lrt
Xmax 11mm
Qts 0.592
Sensitivity (1W/M) 90dB
Cone Material PP cone
Surround Material rubber surround
Tweeter Size (mm) 25mm
Tweeter Material silk
Magnet diameter φ100x15mm
Magnet Weight 469.5g

Why choose Phoenix Gold:
Phoenix Gold exists to give you a car audio experience of musical realism that will have you questioning if you’re riding around in a music studio or are sitting in the front row of a rock concert. Our product line is the result of a continued dedication to our key values of performance, innovation, quality, and excellence, bringing you The Gold Standard in Sound.