PHOENIX GOLD ZPROB654 - PA Midrange Speaker Box

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This unique Phoenix Gold full range box is ported for maximum bass pressure and is fitted with four 6.5-inch mid-bass, filters and two 3.6-inch tweeters. The elements are easily driven and therefore leave a powerful sound pressure! Plug it into any 2- channel amplifier, or why not use that old car stereo or home stereo amplifier you have left unused in storage? The box has a max power of 1520W!


Features & Benefits

Max Power: 1520 Watt

RMS 760 Watt

Impedance: 2x2Ω

Frequency: 150Hz – 20kHz

Dimensions: 90 x 24.5 x 16cm


Mid: Composite woofer cone

Mid: 6,5” Pro Audio Midrange

Mid: Dual roll cloth surround

Mid: 150 Watts @ RMS

Mid: 300 Watts @ Peak

Mid: 70-10 kHz frequency response

Mid: Sensitivity 94db 1w/1m

Mid: 4 OHM each


TWEETER: Aluminium diaphragm

TWEETER: Cast aluminium chassis

TWEETER: 80 Watts @ RMS

TWEETER: 160 Watts @ Peak

TWEETER: 2-20 kHz frequency response

TWEETER: Sensitivity 97db 1w/1m

TWEETER: Crossovers included