Phoenix Gold ZXK50 – Amplifier Wiring Kit



50mm2 CCA kit with power RCA 5.2m


Phoenix Gold now releases its own cable kits. The ZXK series includes CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) cable. Paired with a twisted pair RCA cable, this kit will be a perfect complement to your Phoenix Gold power amplifiers or any power amplifier for that matter.

Product Features
Complete set for audio systems up to 600 watts
Premium CCA power and ground cable for optimal power transfer
Nickel-plated connections for maximum corrosion resistance
Incl. twisted RCA cable 5.2m
Original Phoenix Gold Accessories

Why choose Phoenix Gold:
Phoenix Gold exists to give you a car audio experience of musical realism that will have you questioning if you’re riding around in a music studio or are sitting in the front row of a rock concert. Our product line is the result of a continued dedication to our key values of performance, innovation, quality, and excellence, bringing you The Gold Standard in Sound.

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