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- Perfect balancer for Yinlong Car audio battery.
- Keep each cell voltage difference within 10mv.
- Extend your battery lifecycle 2-3times.

For use on yinlong DIY battery with 6 sells in series. 

Will work on 1-12 banks 

Fitting instructions 

Before using this balancer you need to pre balance your cells by connecting all the positive and all the negative for all cells together (1 big line creating a single 2.3v battery) and left to sit for 24hrs. Then once all cell voltages are close to each other (check with a DIGITAL VOLT METER) you can assemble into the desired 6s 12v battery.

This will make sure all the cells voltages are as close as possible before connecting the balancer

Now you can wire up the balancer as per instructions below. 

When wiring your balancer to the battery make sure to remove the 7pin plug from the board while connecting the wires to each part of the battery pack. 

Start with B- (NEGATIVE) and work your way along untill you get to B6+ (POSITIVE). 

once you have all 7 wires connected to the 7 pin plug in the correct order you can plug it in. 

The balancer will usually start to make a squeezing noise. This is perfectly normal and is a sign the board is transferring power between the cells. 

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