Rockford Fosgate T2652-S - 6.5" Aluminium 2-Way Component System



The T2652-S is a 6.50” 2-way component system featuring 1” aluminium dome tweeters and is rated at 100 Watts RMS. Kit includes pair or woofers with grilles, two tweeters with dedicated audiophile crossovers and mounting hardware.

FlexFit basket design
OEM adapter plate included
External audiophile grade component crossover
5% tolerance high quality poly-capacitors and air-core inductors
3 levels of tweeter attenuation
On-axis/off-axis tweeter configuration
Recessed tweeter mount uses standard 1-3/4" hole saw
Butyl rubber surround
Bi-amp on/off capability
Bi-amp on/off capability
Carbon fiber & polypropylene injection molded cone
Carbon fiber & polypropylene injection molded cone
Billet machined aluminium Phase plug
Aluminium dome neo-tweeter with integral suspension

The T2652-S 6.50" is an alternative component system to the T1 with a major difference being a Billet aluminium phase plug to enhance cooling. The woofer features the same VAST surround having up to 25% increased cone area and a Flex Fit Basket for easy mounting. Another difference is the Aluminium Dome Neo-Tweeter for Fanatics who prefer this type of tonal quality over the T1. The same external audiophile crossover is used, configurable for single or bi-amp configurations.

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