RTA VW Ashtray 3H/ 3P Controller Mount

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This 3H/ 3P controller mount is a direct replacement part for your original ashtray. Simply remove your existing ashtray, swap out the buttons and secure the V2 controller mount into place using the factory fixing points.

The mount features two holes that line up with the recessed channels for the cable on the rear of your controller to be fed through. It has a hole in the centre so if you ever need to remove your controller from the mount you can push it out with ease from the back. The mount itself has enough clearance for it to be trimmed with material on the inside. The buttons on the controller will need to be turned depending as the controller will be in a horizontal orientation. The mount has cable holes cut both sides so the controller can be mounted either way around to suit a left or right hand vehicle.

This product is a complete one piece moulded part ready to fit.

This controller mount is finished in matt black.

This product will fit:

  • VW MK5 Golf
  • VW MK6 Golf
  • VW Scirocco
  • VW Jetta
  • VW EOS

* 3H/ 3P controller not included in this sale.

**Buttons are not included in this sale