Seamless Tanks Aluminium 0.598 Gallon 12" Tank



Seamless Aluminium Tank 12" – 0.598 Gallon


Seamless Tanks produces high quality products for the automotive, construction, medical, agricultural, electrical, and various commercial industries. We understand today’s need for quick turnaround production and deliver parts in a timely manner. We enjoy the challenges of making our customers’ parts, using the most efficient production methods to fit their proper needs and budgets. We look forward to meeting your demands and building a successful future


Our seamless aluminum air tanks have revolutionized welded air tank construction. we have adapted a new style of technology to create a non-welded tank. the metal spinning process has allowed us to manufacture our tanks from a single piece of extruded aluminum tube. our technique of closing both ends of the tube using the base material creates a true seamless tank. In addition we are using a Flow Forming Technology on our port holes that reforms the base metal inward giving a superior surface area for threading. Our standard mounting hardware gives the customer a limitless range of mounting positions and angles to accommodate most mounting situations. we are proud to offer a great product that we manufacture in Fresno, California, USA.


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