Helix SRC - Subwoofer Remote Control for HELIX amplifiers






  • C ONE
  • D FOUR
  • D ONE
  • G FIVE
  • G FOUR
  • G TWO
  • G ONE
  • P TWO

The universal subwoofer cable remote control SRC is compatible with all HELIX amplifiers which have a remote control input and allows adjusting the volume of the connected subwoofer.

As soon as the remote control is connected to the device it will be activated automatically. On all 4-channel amplifiers it solely affectes the output channels C & D if those are configured to "bandpass" mode.

  • Compact and easy to install subwoofer cable remote control
  • Also useable for all 2- and 4-channel HELIX amplifiers
  • Cable length 5.00 m
  • Mounting material included in delivery

Control elements

1 x Rotary knob

Cable length

5.0 Meter



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