Stinger 4000 series 4 gauge power only wiring kit (SK4241)

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  • Designed specifically for car audio systems up to 1500 Watts or 150 Amps
  • Made from 100% oxygen-free Copper for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power
  • Tru-Spec cables/wires 
  • Tinned conductors for corrosion resistance
  • Mini-ANL (MIDI) style fuse holder (SPD5801) for maximum power delivery and safety
  • Matte finish hyper-twist wire construction provides excellent flexibility
  • Pre-terminated power connections provide reliable performance
18Ft. Matte Red Hyper-Twist 4GA Power Wire
3Ft. Matte Black Hyper-Twist 4GA Ground Wire
17Ft. Matte Blue 18GA Remote Turn-On Wire
SPD5801 Mini-ANL (MIDI) Fuse Holder
150 Amp Shoc-Krome ANL Fuse
4GA Crimp Ring Terminals Pre-Installed
16GA Blue Butt Connector
4GA Snap In Protective Firewall Grommet
Self Drilling Mounting Screws
(10) 7” Wire Ties