Car Audio’s Ultimate Interconnect

Designed to deliver the best bass response, openness, tonality, and accuracy possible while drastically reducing electrical resistance and interference. Expertly constructed with 12 individual conductors, 6 left and 6 right, pure silver conductors for full midrange and high frequencies, ultra-long grain pure OFC copper for bass frequencies, and rhodium plated RCA ends for conductivity.

Featuring B.O.D.A technology: Balanced Optimized Dual Alloy connection

Sold in pairs

  • Separate oversized OFC and Silver conductors provide unmatched sound quality
  • Continuous connection construction (C3 Tech) provides unmatched signal transfer with no solder joints for true channel separation and connection reliability
  • Rhodium Plated Split-tip machined metal connector allows better signal transfer
  • Double Twisted pair winding patterns improve clarity and broaden dynamic range
  • Black mesh protective jacket looks great and minimizes friction for easy install
  • Precision Machined “Locking” Metal Ends for the ultimate signal transfer that won’t vibrate off
  • Triple shielding construction for increased noise rejection (dual mylar + braided shield)
  • Directional double twisted-pair construction provides protection against induced interference
  • Molded strain reliefs for extra durability
  • Mono cable design with undersized stopper for ease of installation

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