• 1/0 to 8 Ga inputs and outputs

• Accepts AFS and ANL fuses

• Linkable design allows for system flexibility and clean installations

• XFASTEN Hardware system firmly grips the wire for desired continuity/conductance

• Custom Brass " Power Link" couples XLINKs electrically for power or ground distribution

• Custom Machined Satin Chrome Plated XBLOCKs allow for easy installation of fuses without disassembling the system

Stinger XLINK’s patented design provides the highest power transfer and system flexibility for no compromise installations. With XLINK you can unleash the maximum performance from your system by utilizing it’s ability to transform from an inline fuse holder to an expandable power, ground, or power and ground distribution block all while able to accept 0, 4, or 8GA input/outputs and either ANL or MIDI/AFS fuses.

Adding additional circuits is as easy as connecting the included Power Link couplers to additional XLINK(s) to expand the capability of the system, maximize current transfer while minimizing complexity and space requirements. Imagination is the only obstacle to the limitless power management that can be configured with the XLINK block.

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