VIBE C-SLUG – In Ceiling Speaker

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Enclosures are fundamental to any loudspeaker’s performance. With architectural speakers, an enclosure also has to satisfy many other demands.

A huge number of in-ceiling speakers are available, some with their own enclosures. Unfortunately, many of these are afterthoughts in an attempt bolster the manufacturer’s speaker sales.

The C-Slug is a UK designed, developed and patented architectural speaker enclosure, which is supplied with its own perfectly matched in ceiling speaker.

Sound quality:

• Controlled bass response, consistent from room to room

• Increased power handling, reducing the chance of over-excursion

of the speaker cones

Sound migration:

• Dramatically reduces airborne sound leakage to unwanted


Fire Safety:

• Achieved 1hr 11m in a 1 hour ceiling, tested to EN criteria

Ease of installation:

• Installation takes minutes – The C-Slug is fitted through the

speaker cut-out only. No special tools or access from above

are required


• C-slugs can be fitted either as part of a new multi-room system

or as an upgrade to your existing one.

• Requires 175mm clearance, 730mm length and 240mm

width for installation

• Dimensions: (L)710mm x (W)210mm x (H)140mm