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Designed and developed by VIBE the FastPlug offers safe, fast removal of your active bass enclosure, or expensive amplifiers. It maybe you wish to remove your system for security reasons, or for the full use of your boot space, whatever the reason, the VIBE FastPlug makes it easy and safe.

The plug is a heavy duty connector that connects positive, negative and remote wires. It is made up of 2 parts - one end to connect to your equipment and the other to your power source - made from high quality ABS plastic the device is tough and hard wearing.


  • Quick release plug allows fast safe removal of your active sub boxes and or expensive amplifiers and powered audio equipment.
  • Fast installation no special tools required.
  • Universal - works with any amplifier or active sub box.
  • 80 amp power rating
  • Heavy duty gold plated terminals accept up to 8 gauge wire
  • Black ABS construction for maximum durability
  • Screw mountable
  • Large bolts to secure over sized wire (Allen key included)

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