VIBE POWERBOX65.4M-V7: Powerbox 520W Micro 4 Channel Plug and Play Amplifier

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Vibe PowerBox Amp 65.4M V7 260W RMS Class D 4 Channel Micro Amplifier 260 Watts
Small footprint, big impression!
VIBE’S latest amplifier technology has allowed us to deliver high performance in an incredibly small footprint.
With mono and 4 channel options, the VIBE Powerbox Micro amps are small yet mighty, with up to 400 watts for bass and 4x65watts RMS for speakers; incredible sound and hide away installation is now possible.
Furthermore, the 4 channel features a +12v remote output and daisy chain signal output making it the ideal system building block, with options for inline ISO and rapid fit installation, the Powerbox Micro amps are perfect for installation in OEM and aftermarket scenarios and super fast to fit.