Vibe RAPAWK2.5M Rapid Fit Wiring Kits 2.5m



With the modern car becoming more and more difficult to install into, we have had to think outside of the box to regrow our bass box market.

The hardest part of adding a subwoofer is the installation and connection of the amplifier, with our new Rapid-Fit wiring kits the process is made very simple indeed.

The new to market Rapid-Fit kits allow the installation of power direct from the interior vehicle fuse box and high level signal input to the POWERBOX400.1M-V7 directly from the factory head unit so there is no need to run power cables through the vehicle firewall / bulkhead and makes our bass enclosures compatible with factory systems as well as aftermarket head units.

Features and Specifications

•16awg Full OFC power and earth cable
•Aluminium ferules on cable ends for largest contact area and east fitment
•Fused spur for “Rapid Fit” power installation into vehicles internal fuse box
•Unique wire clip connectors for fast and easy connection to speaker wires for high level amplifier input 2.5m and 5m cable packages
•High quality cable braid for OEM look and feel
•Perfect for VIBE POWERBOX400.1M-V7 Micro class D bass amplifier

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