Vibe rca Bass Controller

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The VIBE CLBC-V7 Amplifier Level Controller is a perfect addition to any amplified car audio system. The CLBC-V7 gives the user the additional functionality of adjusting the input level of a stereo or mono amplifier from the driver’s seat.

The CLBC-V7 is particularly useful in adjusting the bass level for better balance with the rest of the audio system as required for different types of music. It can also be used with full range amplifiers to adjust the volume of front and rear speakers for example.

The CLBC-v7 connects to your system with an input RCA and output RCA. It works by adjusting the input voltage signal through the RCAs from your source unit to the amplifiers to adjust the volume of that amplifier. It does not change the gain pot on the amplifier which should be setup so that all amplifiers clip at the same volume on the source unit.