VIBE VHSLICKKOBRA1-V3M – Slick In Ear Headphones



Introducing the Vibe Slick Extra Bass In-Ear Headphones Braided Cable in Snake Skin Grey

Due to their In-Ear design the Slick are Lightweight and Comfortable (Ideal for extended listening), although they are small they feature Studio Quality Sound through fast response drivers for smooth punch bass and rich, accurate sound. The don’t just have bass, they have EXTREME Bass, Specially developed for smooth punchy bass and accurate full-range sound.

There is an In-Line remote which enable’s you to Control your Audio, skip tracks, play and pause your music using the built-in remote. The Braided cable is made from a fabric braided outer jacket which enhances flexibility and durability whilst ensuring that you never get the cable in a tangle. Also featured is a handy Hands Free Built-In microphone and answer button for iPhone and Android devices.

Cobra Head Rear Housing

Designed to follow the organic for of the head of a Cobra, the rear housing provides a unique aesthetic design.

Strain Relief

Specifically formed sleeve provides strain relief for the cable protecting the connections from everyday wear and tear which increases durability and reliability.

Braided Nylon Cable

Esoteric nylon braided cable increases durability and longevity of the cable.

9.5mm Driver

Oversized 9.5mm driver delivers a wider frequency response than smaller drivers. The lower bass and upper treble is delivered with smoothness and precision.

Tapered Front Housing

Specially designed fluid front housing channels the sound directly into the ear canal giving the Slick a fuller and more dynamic sound profile.

Silicone Earbud

Silicone earbud provides a comfortable in ear fit as well as providing better noise isolation than regular earbud types.


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