WHITE Mosconi AS 200.4 4 Channel Amplifier

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4 Channel Amplifier

  • Available in Silver finishing
  • Power Rating: 200 Watt per channel @ 4 Ohm < 1% THD+N
  • Sn Ratio: > 86 dBA (ref: 1 Watt into 4 Ohm
  • The 1st range, developed from a unique design and audiophile pureness sound, more than any other has achieved the most prestigious awards, from EISA2010-2011, AWARD for the best car amplifier with AS100.4 to the first places and world records in EMMA, IASCA and dB-CUP.
  • The amplifier for those who want to get power, control and great sound quality from a compact device.
  • Provided with slots for the optional G_HOC (optimizing cards for preconfigured vehicle to obtain a perfect and easy settings), G_FSA (to regulate the front stage) and G_HP/LP (cut frequencies from 25Hz to 8000Hz).