XS Power D7500 (12V AGM)



XS Power batteries are manufactured using only virgin lead, 99.99% pure compared to most batteries that use recycled lead. The pure-lead design means better performance. In other words, MORE POWER! Grids are thinner. This allows for more grids which means more surface area in a smaller package. More surface area means MORE POWER! AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) design means longer life, vibration resistant, deep cycle and can be mounted in any position (except upside down).

Since there are no external vents on an XS Power battery, there is no fear of mounting it in a passenger compartment, below a seat, or inside a glove box. No
leaks mean no corrosion or damage to chrome or paint. We are so confident in the safety of XS Power batteries that we guarantee no acid leak even if damaged.


  • Primary or Secondary Audio Power Source
  • Marine/RV Starting or Supplemental Power
  • Good for up to 5000W as Primary or 7500W as Secondary Audio Power
  • High Cranking Performance


  • Approximate Weight: 45.00kg
  • Approximate Length: 339mm
  • Approximate Width: 173mm
  • Approximate Height: 277mm
  • Housing Material: Shock Resistant ABS
  • Terminal Type: M6 Stud Adaptor


  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Max Amps: 6000A
  • CA: 374A
  • RC: 374min.
  • Ah – 172

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