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 XS Power has a battery for every form of Automotive use. With a choice of 12, 14 or 16 Volt high frequency AGM IntelliCharger compatible with 15 Ampere max output. Built to perform at any place, any time, any kind. Using the highest energy density chemistry known in AGM batteries, XS Power is now the battery of choice for competition car audio, racing and modified street cars.

Modern charging for modern batteries

Whether they’re in competition use or daily driving, modern batteries demand precision charging. XS Power’s Intellicharger uses microprocessor control to supervise the charging process and avoid overcharging which can damage batteries. The microprocessor controls a 3-stage charging process which safely and rapidly charges 12-volt maintenance free, deep cycle, gel-cell, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.
Three-stage charging

The Intellicharger uses three distinct charging stages. In the first stage, the current is fixed and the voltage is allowed to float – this stage restores 80% of the battery’s capacity. Once the battery’s cell voltage is up to the correct level, the second stage engages, allowing the voltage to remain fixed while the current is allowed to float. The battery is brought to 100% during this stage and the cells are equalized. The third stage is “Float” charging, which reduces the voltage and current to a level that will maintain the battery indefinitely. Handy LED indicators show power on, charging, and fully charged status. Keep your battery ready for anything with the HF1215 Intellicharger.

Product Highlights:

3-stage charger for AGM batteries
charges maintenance free, deep cycle, gel-cell, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries
output current: 15A
full reverse polarity, short-circuit, and overload protection
dimensions: 8-1/2″W x 2-1/2″H x 3-1/2″D
weight: 3-1/8 lbs.
works on UK 230v mains